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Cloud Administration

  • Docker - Built and deployed Docker containers to break up monolithic app into microservices, improving developer workflow, increasing scalability, and optimizing speed

    • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker
    • Developed procedures to unify streamline and automate applications development and deployment procedures with Linux container technology using Docker swarm.
  • Traefik - Built and deployed multi-tiered Software as a Service [SaaS] stacks utilizing traefik’s built-in docker integration and routing

  • Oh, Consul - See, the problem with listing a software/technology this new on a resume is that you really wouldn’t believe what I’ve done with it. It’s a Key/Value store, I’ve integrated it with Traefik and numerous personal applications – If this means anything to you, let’s converse more… (I’ll revisit this in a few months).

  • Graylog, Mongo DB, ElasticSearch - Deployed and managed logging stacks for securely gathering important application and systems data.