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Server Administration

  • Experience in Unix/Linux systems engineering and administration including:
    • writing shell scripts for day to day system administration task
    • fundamental understanding of network communication protocols and how to accurately troubleshoot their failures
    • experience with the SaltStack configuration management system
    • experience with Nagios network monitoring software (also familiar with the logging stack Graylog and ElasticSearch)
    • advanced knowledge (maintaining, troubleshooting, tuning) of web architecture and related applications such as Nginx, MySQL, CockroachDB, DNS, GIT.


  • Advanced understanding how to monitor CPU, memory, disk space, and overall performance of a system/task/cluster
  • Basic knowledge of the Linux networking setup
  • Highly familiar with grep, sed, awk
  • Advanced knowledge in maintaining an infrastructure that relies on Docker


  • DigitalOcean deployment junkie (anything Linux, I’m down)
  • Working understanding of SSH, RSA keys and their setup
  • Able to setup and install of a full Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) environment from scratch
  • Advanced knowledge of Firewall configuration using iptables


  • Operating Systems: Alpine Linux, Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian
  • Firewall management: IPTables
  • Virtualization: libvirt/KVM, Docker
  • Automation: PuppetLabs, SaltStack
  • Monitoring: Nagios,
  • Database: CockroachDB, CouchDB, MySql, Riak, SQLite
  • Misc. Commands: awk, rsync, grep, vim, screen, git, mtr, diff, tar, netstat, strace, ngrep, iptables, systemctl, sshfs, ssh, nfs, fdisk, mount, telnet, post(postmap, postqueue), mail, eximstats, exiqsumm, exim (-bp[c]), dmcrypt, tmux, scp, salt(-call|-pull|-key)
  • Misc. Software/Services: Asterisk/Twilio, Nginx, dnsutils, clamav, spamassassin, razor, pyzor